Cultural Awareness
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Testimonials & Feedback

Participants Feedback 

"An excellent thought provoking course. The theory helped to make sense of different cultural behaviours and the facilitator's experience and practical examples raised awareness of how to consider own and  other cultural perspectives" Officer, District Council.

"Heather was extremely informative, to sum up, enjoyable, informative and useful!" Admin, Belfast.

"This course exceeded my expectations, giving me an insight into numerous diverse cultures and customs, whilst also considering my own customs in a new light. Very enjoyable and interesting.  Engineer, Bombardier Transportation UK Ltd.

The activities were excellent and enjoyable. They made me think about the difference and to take time with people within the school. Sports co-ordinator, Youth Programme


“Practical examples and comparisons with other cultures was excellent”

“Understanding how different people perceive the same situation”

“Allowed us to see things and work them out ourselves and not just told”

“Reminder that discomfort may mark presence of cultural boundaries – very useful introduction to complex matters”

“I particularly enjoyed the cultural dimensions exercise to understand what people mean and why they act in a certain way” 



Cultural Awareness TrainingProfessional ProfileTestimonials & FeedbackContact