Cultural Awareness
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Cultural Awareness Training

Connect, Communicate and Collaborate

Cultural awarness training explores how culture shapes every part of how we behave and communicate. It provides the knowledge, skills and expertise to communicate effectively across cultures, and understand different perspectives.

Using theory, practical examples and activities the training explores:

  • Invisible/ visible aspects of culture
  • Own cultural rules and behaviours
  • Differences in verbal and non verbal communication
  • How misunderstanding can arise
  • How cultures impacts on management, teams, meetings, communication
  • Tips, techniques and strategies to improve your skills for working across cultures

Workshops Themes Include:

  • General Introduction to Intercultural Competence
  • Intercultural Competence for Business & Management
  • Skills for working in International Teams
  • Regional briefings for working with specific countries

Training is designed to meet your specific needs delivered in a venue to suit you and across all sectors including business, health, education, youth work, training & local government.


Cultural Awareness TrainingProfessional ProfileTestimonials & FeedbackContact